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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Purpose

A poem on purpose
I must express
I am a writer
A writer with a goal

My words shall heal
To fight upheaval
My purpose is to inspire
No negative satire
For I am a writer
I have a mission..

Everyone dreams
For mankind is a dreamer
Everyone hopes
For mankind is positive
No matter what the odds are
We must stand for a purpose
Mine is peace
To vanish war
Mine is positivism
To enlighten gloom
Mine is inspiration
To see life bloom

Mankind must diminish hate
For war kills faith
Mankind needs light
To conquer darkness at its height
Writers must lay down choices
Between words
Of bad and good

I am a writer
I shall write the melody
Where children can play
I shall write candies
For hurts to go away

I am your writer
When the world is cruel
I shall help to heal
I shall create a garden
Where flowers interplay
with wisdom of thoughts
with message of kindness

I am a writer
That is my purpose.


  1. You're a true writer, it was so beautifully written and your blog has a great look too. I really admire your poem and hope that your goal and mission will be achieved.

  2. Thank you Zunnur, for finding time to leave kind words..they are so inspiring and I shall not be surprised whenever I write and have this in thought. :)


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING TO COMMENT ON MY ARTICLE. Have a nice day and God bless. -Bai Maleiha B. Candao

Thanks To My Dear Readers...

When thoughts are shared with those who care..
it unburdens the mind and frees the soul..

It reaches all points
of the universe.. for life
is a connection of similarities among those
who love life and its essence...

Even as a stranger I know.. we value the
importance of self-expression, of love and
all its beauty.. for we live in one world...
and like the rest, our souls travel to find
meaning in some images...

Just by knowing that my thoughts have
touched you.. That is enough to make me

~Princess Maleiha


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of Princess Maleiha's advocacy on Peace. She has another poem blog published earlier than this.

This blog is a reflective blog on the needed virtues and values of man calling for self-introspection of the soul highlighting love and respect for other people.

It is a blog calling for love, peace and harmony of man's being within himself and outside his persona.