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Saturday, January 22, 2011


There was this man...
My heart stood still.

His hands are deeply scarred
His eyes tired and meaningless
While he struggles to give a meaning
to his empty world.

Look at the visions of life
how it varies
seemingly opposites.

You need to know
where the line draws
not from where you are
but from where you don't see

Your imagination can lie..
Even with open eyes
The mind steals reality
for a man who is deeply scarred.

(This poem was inspired by a friend who narrated to me his struggles in life. He lost his job and family. I listened intently. I wish could inspire him to deal with life positively but while I listened to him, I know he is nowhere in reality. His soul seems gone though he still breathes to live...only to breathe but not to really live.)

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  1. Even when the hope dies, even when the it is dark
    Do not despair then, life rises from the ashes


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING TO COMMENT ON MY ARTICLE. Have a nice day and God bless. -Bai Maleiha B. Candao

Thanks To My Dear Readers...

When thoughts are shared with those who care..
it unburdens the mind and frees the soul..

It reaches all points
of the universe.. for life
is a connection of similarities among those
who love life and its essence...

Even as a stranger I know.. we value the
importance of self-expression, of love and
all its beauty.. for we live in one world...
and like the rest, our souls travel to find
meaning in some images...

Just by knowing that my thoughts have
touched you.. That is enough to make me

~Princess Maleiha


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