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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love of no position

It is indeed emotions
That conquer a nation
Beyond Individualism

Uncollected civilization

Leaders of every nation

Meet opposition

But rulers with conviction
Stand with recognition

Personal emotions

Ruin reputations

So much affection
Sees no imperfection

In a situation

in love of no position

A Love fights without hesitation

A woman of no position

Loved by a ruler of a nation

Shall a leader be condemn

Loving a woman not his fame
Is he right or in confusion
Where must he stand?

In such situation?

Tell me not

How rulers in the past

Fail in emotions

Loving the wrong ones

Fought for their loved ones

Emotions, mighty like King

No one can ever win


  1. All men are would be kings. All kings are but mere men. Yet it is destined for a rare few like Cyrus The Great to have the wisdom and heart of true leadership. Alas truly great men are few and fare between. As for love, what could be more honorable than to give up all for the sake of love? But as a true king, your first love should always be with the people of whom you serve. My mother was always very proud of her ancestor, King Robert The Bruce, but I must admit that after seeing the film Braveheart; I had my doubts about my mother's hero of Scotland. However after reading Barron’s The Scottish War of Independence (1914), I now find the opposite to be the case: that the charges of disloyalty leveled by the likes of Maxwell were wrong and that my mother's old family tradition was right, and that the old king was indeed a hero.

  2. They say that behind the success of every man is a woman. But alas, the downfall of some men were also caused by some women. What a fitting poem for the times. Thanks for the exquisite poem. God bless.

  3. Hello Mel..I agree with you.
    As I have written:
    "Emotions, mighty like King..
    No one can ever win".

  4. Hello walt...

    When I wrote about this, I was thinking of a love story between a royalty and a non-royalty, for it is a relationship of contrast and an endless comparison of status and dignity.

    Many of us do not realize that true love knows no reason, status and boundary. There is no limit nor must it be confined in the expectations of those who think that love must only be allowed to happen between two EQUAL individuals.

  5. You and your blog have been featured in my How's Your Blog?. Please come over to my site to see it. Hope you will like it. Thanks and God bless.

  6. Dear Mel,
    I do not know what to say for I am so overwhelmed by your warm and kind feature of my writings and about me as a writer.

    I do not consider myself different from anyone else, although my thoughts may come quite opposite to those who have a different stand about the issues that I raise in my articles. However, as I have said, in difference, there is uniqueness.

    I have encountered many friends who are also our "kababayans" on the net, but your selflessness impressed me. You put time and effort in the name of friendship and that is a very rare quality of a good person.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mel..I appreciate your effort and it is me who should be proud for I have a good friend like you.

    Take care of you and your family, Mel. God bless you and may your golden heart continue to shine. :-)


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