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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Poem on Protest

Tame this woman
Unjail her strong passion
Share her principles

Maleiha is her name

A nature lover

Nature is her soul

She craves for clean air

Breathing on her skin

Unfiltered polluted air

Not a monster from within

It is nowhere

When she gasps for freshness

Alas, not anywhere

She adores roses

Loves the garden

The birds and bees

She detests

When man turns into a beast

When he ruins nature

Out of greed

This woman speaks

Of man's insatiable need

Evil in man abuses

Devouring nature sans limits

Must we beg?

For nature to be saved?

God's gift to man

Nature so perfect
Not for man to reject

But only to protect

No one has the right to take

What God has made the best

Mother nature is us

For who else is to trust?

To protect her beauty

From misery
For only man

Can stop her pain

Adore the sea

Enjoy the wind

Explore the hills

Embrace the trees

Proofs of God's power

For man to better

What victory is attained?

If nature puts to waste?

Why cut trees?

Why maim birds?

Why be a victim of greed?

Justice is a deed away

Nature needs help

Immerse in its beauty

Live with empathy
Experience the sea

Feel the wind

Listen to bird's melody

Nature is our mother

Give empathy with passion

For the love of God's gift

To our future generation..


  1. Hope to live in a place so green with skies so blue, with smell of fresh roses from the garden.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful place of nature. :-)


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING TO COMMENT ON MY ARTICLE. Have a nice day and God bless. -Bai Maleiha B. Candao

Thanks To My Dear Readers...

When thoughts are shared with those who care..
it unburdens the mind and frees the soul..

It reaches all points
of the universe.. for life
is a connection of similarities among those
who love life and its essence...

Even as a stranger I know.. we value the
importance of self-expression, of love and
all its beauty.. for we live in one world...
and like the rest, our souls travel to find
meaning in some images...

Just by knowing that my thoughts have
touched you.. That is enough to make me

~Princess Maleiha


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of Princess Maleiha's advocacy on Peace. She has another poem blog published earlier than this.

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