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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Night

Looking at myself
Before a vast space
Surrounded by walls
But not in a race..

I could see visions
of strong will and passion
The search for truth
When the light is out
When the darkness clouds
The mind can't rest

Inside my room
I lie awake..
Where is the light?
I asked myself..

A question..
Why my mind won't rest
Absent in daylight
But rules in the dark
That you and I share...

Beyond the logic of time and space
There is a cave of wondrous caste
Grouping unanswered tones of myths
Grasping for truth
Like life against death...

One vision before my eyes
Sees a soul searching for answers
Lost in the forest
Where evil lurks in whispers
Afraid of the unknown
Controlled by the known
Answers come in time
As the youth feel imprisoned
Age and answers take time to form..

Tell me in your deepest thoughts
why day and night come without pause?
why life is like the black and white?
why for me dark is my knight?

Is it because it is my own
Just like a woman called Eden
Who loved her life
She choose her path
Not like yours or mine
But her very own...
Unmindful if it will end
in fortune or fame..

What is my point
What is my line?
What does my poem want to opine?
This is the essence friends,
Listen deeply,
Please listen well...

The night has a million thoughts
Darkness is not an absence of light..
It is a light in the dark...

It is your time
Your sweet domain
A reflection of your silent soul
A room sans walls..
Where you find yourself

The only key is know thyself
To discover the hidden
To tame the wild
To capture the innocence
To use your senses
It all starts in the dark
It all starts in you...

Let my poem leave a mark
That the night is not all dark
In the innermost corner
If you peek
You will see your soul
Against a naked wall..

THE NIGHT is your soul
Hiding from your confusion
If you will seek
You will meet
The faceless face you dare not speak

So my friend, have no fear..
For the answer is so near
It is in your soul
It is YOU!

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