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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thoughts in My Deepest Solitude

Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 11:45pm
By the Fireplace

Windows closed as we gazed at the light
By the fireplace tonight

Rays of shadow of sheets illuminating
By the fireplace entwined and imagining

Assisting the heat of the fire as warm bodies collide
By the fireplace as crackling and sizzling woods divide

Sharing secret stories and laughing it out
By the fireplace it would mean another bout

As the waves of the ocean running thunder to the shore
By the fireplace creative juices start to pour

Confessing and cracking jokes while gliding and fantasy telling
By the fireplace feeling the heat burning

A lurk of wounded thoughts to be consoled
By the fireplace creeping memories resolved

A gift of warm aspiration concluded the fix
By the fireplace awaiting for next

Watching the wood start to crumble and fade
By the fireplace as the smoke waved

Celebrating moments together
By the fireplace secured and feels forever

The secret of a love is there to stay
By the fireplace as it witnessed something more for another day.

By: Booh Blake
12.21.09 3am

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING TO COMMENT ON MY ARTICLE. Have a nice day and God bless. -Bai Maleiha B. Candao

Thanks To My Dear Readers...

When thoughts are shared with those who care..
it unburdens the mind and frees the soul..

It reaches all points
of the universe.. for life
is a connection of similarities among those
who love life and its essence...

Even as a stranger I know.. we value the
importance of self-expression, of love and
all its beauty.. for we live in one world...
and like the rest, our souls travel to find
meaning in some images...

Just by knowing that my thoughts have
touched you.. That is enough to make me

~Princess Maleiha


Soulfully was born in 2008, a continuation
of Princess Maleiha's advocacy on Peace. She has another poem blog published earlier than this.

This blog is a reflective blog on the needed virtues and values of man calling for self-introspection of the soul highlighting love and respect for other people.

It is a blog calling for love, peace and harmony of man's being within himself and outside his persona.