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Saturday, October 16, 2010

No to War!

This ugly image of war
leaves ghastly thoughts..
Shattered dreams of the past
Shakes the unknown future
War is nothing but a fire
Consuming peace and silent souls
God 's rain shall intervene
To cool down hatred's campaign.


  1. I am admirer of your blogs.The wisdom you share and your call for peace. Keep it up. My name is Hamed Khan.

  2. Love the photo and yes sometimes it is necessary to consume what isn't working.
    I call it "love" that something would be destroyed so that new life can spring forward.
    It is a necessary building block of the universe.
    It is the way all things change and grow.

  3. In my heart dear friend, I seek for the wholeness of the universe by embracing it with love and peace. But this is almost impossible if we talk about perspectives..what is war for others is just a dignity being fought for...but at the back of my mind, it is the innocent ones that suffer..this is haunting if we talk about the need for life preservation.

    Thanks for dropping by dear friend, Jeunelle.:)

  4. Indeed, I love this post.
    I'm dreaming if each countries remove their military force.

    if you have time, please read my post with the title "Open Letter To All The President" at:

    Will you help me to spread it?

  5. Thanks Tikno for your post. I will surely visit the link you gave me.:)


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