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Friday, October 8, 2010

Solitude with Nature

Leaves frolic
Emotions at impasse
Racing in acclivity
Nothing to reprise...
let it be...
let it be..

Minding nothing but myself
barefoot on the sand
those eyes glued on me
Must it be another bother
In my interlude with nature
I shun to ken..
let it be..
let it be..

I scorn no shadow
following my thoughts
I want to be alone
where no one lurks
It is my solitude
A moment for myself

The wind responds
with a poignant attack
Holding my breaths
skipping a heart beat
Must I dig deeper
Must I wonder..
let it be..
let it be..

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CARING TO COMMENT ON MY ARTICLE. Have a nice day and God bless. -Bai Maleiha B. Candao

Thanks To My Dear Readers...

When thoughts are shared with those who care..
it unburdens the mind and frees the soul..

It reaches all points
of the universe.. for life
is a connection of similarities among those
who love life and its essence...

Even as a stranger I know.. we value the
importance of self-expression, of love and
all its beauty.. for we live in one world...
and like the rest, our souls travel to find
meaning in some images...

Just by knowing that my thoughts have
touched you.. That is enough to make me

~Princess Maleiha


Soulfully was born in 2008, a continuation
of Princess Maleiha's advocacy on Peace. She has another poem blog published earlier than this.

This blog is a reflective blog on the needed virtues and values of man calling for self-introspection of the soul highlighting love and respect for other people.

It is a blog calling for love, peace and harmony of man's being within himself and outside his persona.