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Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is one cute poem that captured my mind,
from where I am at this moment.
Vacationing from posting on facebook
but I will always have time for poetry.
This is simple but anyone can relate
for it happens to everyone
most of the time. --Princess Maleiha

The phone rings
My heart jumped
Birds chirping
Then doorbell rings
Who is at the door?

He smiled hello
His eyes glow
My crush came
Standing before me
a sweet surprise..

Come in, I said
Please feel at home
Have a seat
as my heart
skips a beat....

I will prepare some drink
Oh, no need, he said
Your smile is enough
To make me satisfied

My face blushed
He followed it with a wink
Does he know,does he know
He is my first crush?

I came here Janet
To ask you for a date
Can I ask you out?
I was silent
But ecstatic

Of course, of course
No problem Arthur
You will never be a bother..

Night has come
Do I look pretty?
In black dress
and red shoes?
His eyes adored me
I got answers
That fast, that sweet..
That romantic speed

He kissed me goodnight
on my cheeks.
I stood for hours
At the doorway
After his car swept away

He will be back
He will be back
Am I going to have a heart attack?
My crush is now my prince
Charming as he has always been

Under the bed sheet
My thoughts drift
Hey Janet
You are taken
If love is here
Then it is heaven...

Post Script:
Talking about the lunacy of love..ha ha ha ha!

(Photo source: net archive)

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